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International Delivery of documents

In Europe in 2 days


Delivery of documents to any country

From $ 10 and 4 days


Courier delivery of documents

Our company transports documents to anywhere in Europe, taking into account all the features of transportation and choosing the optimal routes for organizing operational and safe delivery to the destination.

In connection with military measures in Ukraine, logistical solutions have also undergone changes. For the safety of delivery, as well as the provision of quality service, our company opened its own office in Poland. Now we can accept all collective goods from anywhere in the world through Poland. In order to simplify all procedures for customers, our company offers comprehensive solutions both for the delivery of Documents to the warehouse in Poznań and the organization of the delivery of documents in Ukraine, including all intermediate costs.

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Calculation of delivery cost

The cost of delivery primarily depends on the type of transportation (express or ordinary), the delivery method, such as the delivery of the dimensions of the delivered cargo, as well as the selected route. Contact our specialists to obtain the most reliable information.


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